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Scientific Adventure
Through the Ages

Be challenged to establish 

thriving ecosystems and niches 

full of diverse life-forms

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Atomic World

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Micro World

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Macro World

The Adventure
is Calling YOU!

Evolving Community

Our game and community are constantly evolving.  

As more time continues to pass from our initial product launch date (07/04/2015), additional creatures/ features are continuously being incorporated and upgraded  to allow users to establish an more intriguing and evolutionarily diverse earth model system.  


We hope you return continuously to see what new features, updates, and organisms have recently become incorporated into game worlds.

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We would love for you to leave a review of what you think of how we are doing with our game and website development as we continue to progress. Please  click the below "Leave a Review" button and tell us what you think of our progression.  













We appreciate your continued support as we evolve over time.

Our Misson
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Desire to keep general public informed on scientific and science-educational topics by using scientifically accurate interactive models. 


Provide real-time visual explanations and demonstrations of how evolutionary concepts alter the biodiversity of organisms within an environmental niche.  


Educate future scientists in a fun and interactive way showing students that science can and is fun!



Serve to alleviate misconceptions by depicting an user interactive step-by-step simulation of biological processes.



We never want someone to feel as if science is above understanding.  Sometimes science needs to be broken down further into bite-size pieces to be explained in a thorough process.   This is the ultimate purpose of what are here to do at Evolution Through the Ages. 

Our Product

 Establish Thriving Ecosystems
Full of Diverse Life Forms




      Begin your scientific adventure with only a few simple atoms from the Periodic Table of Elements. Through processes of chemical bonding, create building blocks of life such as phospholipids, amino acids, and eventually DNA/RNA. Cellular components allow users to evolve life into diverse lifeforms having actually existed through processes of natural selection, survival-of-the-fittest, and evolution.  Create effective and evolutionarily diverse system of assorted life-form within your planet model system.  Meanwhile,  maintain individual organism populations previously evolved within game worlds by manipulating diverse ecosystems and observing ramifications of user-controlled environmental simulated actions.  Game currencies earned through time spent playing game and overall distance traveled within game worlds. Currencies are based on principles of geographic distance and time factors serving as driving forces behind establishment of new species within unique niches. 

    Omnipresent “Sim-like” gameplay community based on accurate evolutionary mechanisms.  User-friendly interface depicting Evolutionary accurate processes shaping myriad of environments around Earth.  Model depicts “small-steps" evolution used over course of history of life on Earth. Game attempts to  lessen divides and misconceptions around how one organism can adapt and eventually "evolve" within an organismal population.


Our Team

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Jacob Stagray



Sean Craft

Programming Lead/ FOUNDER

Devin Reeson

Graphic Designer/ Director of Marketing


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